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Information for Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students

We are pleased you are interested in pursuing your studies at WKU! We have accommodations for all types of students! We look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you to the Hill! 


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If you are a student who will be attending college for the first time and you have never earned any college credit before, you are considered a first time freshman or undergraduate student. Undergraduate students are those seeking to earn bachelor's degrees. This would apply to you if you are a current high school student or if you have already earned a high school diploma and you are looking to attend college for the first time.

Visit the WKU Admissions website to learn more

If you have previously earned college credit at an institution other than WKU, but you have not completed a bachelor's degree, then you are considered a transfer student. WKU will work with you to determine if your previously earned credits will transfer over toward degree completion at WKU.  If you hold an associate's degree from an accredited institution and are interested in completing a bachelor's degree, you are also considered a transfer student, as you will be transferring credits in that will apply toward the completion of a bachelor's degree.

Visit the WKU Transfer Center website to learn more

Students who are interested in completing their studies in the United States are referred to as international students . This typically applies to students that have a country of residence other than the United States.

Visit the WKU International Student Enrollment Management website to learn more

If you are an active duty service person or a veteran of a branch of the United States Military, you are referred to as a military student.  WKU has been recognized as a "Military Friendly School," and "Best For Vets," for several years running.   

Visit the WKU Military Student Services website to learn more

Veteran's Affairs Student Financial Assistance

Students above the age of 24 are considered adult learners, or sometimes you might hear them referred to as "non-traditional students," though this term is less frequently used in practice. Adult learners do not fall into the typical undergraduate student age range of 18-21 years-old. WKU has many flexible degree programs and accommodations to assist adults with jobs or family obligations to complete their degrees.

Visit the WKU Adult Learner Services website to learn more.

Online and Distance Learning students are those who complete their degrees either online or via our WKU On Demand program, where degree requirements are completed from home, or are accessible from anywhere in the world where you might have access to the internet. WKU offers many online-only programs, and many of our campus-based programs have online components or "blended" classes, which have both online and face-to-face components.

Visit the WKU Online website to learn more

WKU has many other student types, including Dual Credit students (high school students who are earning college credit through courses completed in their high schools), Readmit students (who have completed some coursework with WKU without earning degrees, and are now seeking to re-enroll to complete them), and Visiting students (who are only completing coursework at WKU on a temporary basis).  Learn more about these programs.





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FInancial Aid
Financial Aid

WKU Department of Student Financial Assistance is pleased to welcome you to WKU! The resources found within this website will assist you with questions you may have about the Financial Aid process, scholarships and aid available at WKU, and provide you with helpful checklists and timelines you will need throughout your time as a student at WKU.

Financial Assistance

Student Employment
Student Employment

The Student Employment Program at Western Kentucky University provides employment opportunities for students who are in need of part-time employment as they pursue a course of study at the University. The program is also designed to assist University departments in meeting their objectives through the use of qualified student employees.

Student Employment



The Mahurin Honors College at WKU is a leader in honors education for academically talented, creative, and high-achieving students. They foster excellence in all forms of expression through research and experiential learning, critical thinking, active citizenship, and international engagement. 

Within the Mahurin Honors College, the Office of Scholar Development helps students apply for nationally competitive scholarships by assisting students in finding opportunities to be engaged in their chosen fields beyond the classroom and aiding them in the process of finding the right programs, making important contacts, developing strong proposals, and revising numerous drafts.


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